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LABELLING SYSTEMS by Z-Italia precise, reliable, and innovative The market is continually looking for applications that deliver high performance and high efficiency for both high and low production speeds. Understanding these needs our engineering department designed a new rotary roll fed labelling machine. The design promotes improved efficiency and facilitates maintenance operations. RFL is a rotary roll fed labelling machine which applies wraparound plastic or paper labels from a roll to round glass, PET, metal or paperboard containers. The full range of labellers from Z-Italia: • • • • • Reel Fed Self-Adhesive Cold Glue Hot Melt Combi RFL TECHNOLOGY from Z-Italia offers many options • • • • • • • Automatic splicer to change from one reel to another Drying Tunnel Thermoshrink tunnel Hercules, the system to load the reels in vertical orientation Label control quality check End of reel sensor Pressurisation system for empty bottles (labelling before filling) AVE UK LTD. 4 Riverside Park, Dogflud Way, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7UG United Kingdom Tel : +44 1252 733200 Fax : +44 1252 733480