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A Binsted Publication June 220 Vol. No. 3 The size of May the / Cover is 2018 deep by 33 210 across plus 3mm bleed left, right and bottom. Sparc Systems delivering “all-in-one” systems, for every need BE L IN S P ECT I ON LA X-RAY You’ll benefit from: • Reduced space – 40% less space required in your operating area • Reduced set up time – 50% less time needed for set up • One rejection station – for all features • No compressed air required • Central reporting system – for all food safety topics CH E LIA N C And, with Sparc Systems’ all-in-one machines you’ll spend less changeover time from one product to another FO MP IO OD CO D ET E CT KWEIGHER AL N EC M ET SA F E T Y T: 01684 310 000 E: S PA R C - S Y S T E M S . C O M